Modular tool systems have Long been state ofthe art in the fields of milling, turning and drilling. Their proven advantages primarily include the fast and flexible configuration of different tool components to create the necessary precision tools. This can reduce both the secondary processing times of the machine and the tools that need to be kept instock.

然而,对于内螺纹加工,尤其是攻丝和螺纹成型加工而言,市场上一直没有可用的模块化刀具。直到几年前,蓝帜金工的研发专家在LMT Fette公司开发出了模块化螺纹成型刀具,HPF(高性能挤压丝锥)以及后来的XChange模块化切削丝锥。

For internal thread production, however, particularly for tapping and thread forming, modular tools have not been readily available onthe market. Only a few years ago the research experts of LMT TOOLS at the LMT Fette site created a modular thread former, the HPF (High Performance Forming),and then also a modular tap , the XChange.


Apart from the advantages already mentioned above, these groundbreaking innovations combine the strengths of two cutting materials: The wear resistance of the carbide and the toughness of the high speed steel. This allowed a process-reliable approach to new dimensions of performance: More favorable torsion characteristics allow much higher cutting speeds and, at thesame time, increase the tool life. The performance of the tool systems is furthermore improved by an internal coolant supply and through the use of asynchro-chuck, for example by Bilz.


XChange tap : Carbide side by side with HSS


Taps still consist of approx. 90% high speed steel, a cutting material that exhibits a toughness that is especially required during the return feed. VHM tap drills made of finest grade carbide, on the other hand, still do not fulfill the requirements of increased process reliability inseries production.


The recipe for success of the new XChange tap drill is its combination of a wear-resistant carbide threaded head and a tough steel shaft that form a separable joint. At the end of the tool life only the threaded head needs to be exchanged. The tailor-made blue Polaris coating increases the lifetime even more (Figure 1).


Modular tap drill, XChange, with blue Polaris coating


The main advantage of the new XChange is the high cutting speed it allows combined with the short cycle and process times and the resulting tremendous reduction of machine costs and/or production costs per thread. In numerous practical applications the cutting speed could be more than doubled compared to HSS tap drills.


Economic efficiency


This entirely new tap drill was designed in particular for casting materials (GG and GGG) and short-chipping materials. Aluminum alloy materials with more than 12% silicone can easily be processed. Examples for industrial application are, primarily, mass production, the automobile industry(for example engine blocks), gear manufacturing, fuel injection systems,casings (cast iron and aluminum), and household appliances (for example washingmachines).


Depending on the material that is being processed a modular tap drill will already pay off after approx. 3 replacements of the threaded head. After approx. 10 replacements a new shaft should be used as well. In large batch production the costs for the shaft, however, are negligible.


A calculation of the cost-efficiency results in a reduction of tool costs per thread with the XChange by 50% compared to HSS-E and by 20% compared to VHM.

下面的应用示例是一个真实的成功案例:一个汽车行业的供应商要为货运卡车生产一批刹车盘。此外,还必须加工规格为M 14 x 1.5的螺纹。该供应商一直使用一家中国制造商生产的HSS普通高速钢丝锥,但是对其性能并不满意。尤其是那种攻丝钻的使用寿命很短。此外,由于工件上丝锥在加工过程中的因为出口处的单向受力而会向一侧偏转,所以会使刀具发生故障(图2。为了解决这些生产问题,客户开始使用LMT Fette公司生产的Xchange模块化攻丝钻。这种丝锥通过略微地减小了切屑空间,专门改进了丝锥的结构,从而提升了稳定性,抵消了有螺纹工件的单侧偏向力。此外,为了优化排屑效果,LMT Fette公司还为这款刀具设计了螺旋状入口。

The following application example reads like a true success story: A supplier for the vehicle industry was producing brake disks for trucks. Among other things, M 14 x 1.5 threads had to be produced. The supplier had been using HSS tap drills by a Chinese manufacturer, but he was not satisfied with their performance. Particularly the lifetime of the tap drills was too short. In addition, the tools caused problems because of a one-sided deflection due to the inclination where the thread exits the workpiece (Figure 2). As a solution to these production problems, the customer began using the XChange modular tap drill by LMT Fette.The tap was improved specifically for this application by slightly reducing thechip space, which resulted in an increased stability that counteracted theone-sided forces where the thread exits the workpiece. Moreover, the spiral entry was designed for optimal chip transport.




The component "brake disk"poses high requirements for the tap drill


The customer requirements included one more challenge: The process was to be converted completely to dry processing.

Xchange丝锥的切削速度为 vc = 31 m/min,使用寿命达:35,000个螺纹孔。而竞争产品仅加工2,000个螺纹孔的寿命就结束了,相比之下,本产品的使用寿命出乎意料地提高了1,650% (图3

The XChange tap drill was used at a cutting speed of vc =31 m/min and achieved a tool life of 35,000 threads. This was an increase of an incredible 1,650% compared to the competitor's tool which had already reached the end of its lifetime after 2,000 threads (Figure3).



With the XChange, a dramatic increasein performance is possible


Fit for mass


Fit for mass is the message this example conveys. It shows how small application-specific changes can turn standard tools intohigh-capacity mass-production tools. This of course requires the tool producer's engineering expert to have the corresponding experience as well as aclose cooperation with the user.


In this context, we would like to take the opportunity to briefly present a new feature of the modular tap "XChange". It is now also available with a long shaft which allows the processing of threads that are difficult to access due to projecting edges or broad shoulders (Figure 4). This combines two advantages in a single tool:

· 硬质合金的速度和钢刀杆的韧性,就像Xchange的标准版产品所具备的特点一样。

· The speed of the carbide and the toughness ofthe steel shaft, just like in the standard version of the XChange.

· 灵活性和长度。无需使用新的丝锥只需换一根丝锥刀杆就足够了。不必使用价格昂贵的特殊刀具,仅即时使用标准版产品便可达到特殊加工的目的。

· Flexible shaft length. No new threaded head required - a different shaft is enough. An expensive special tool is not necessary and a just-in-time standard is achieved.


The new XChange with long shaft is agreat problem-solver


Environmental aspects


Modern high performance tools combine economic and ecological requirements.


The modular XChange tap drill's blue Polaris coating is a clear indicator that it follows the "Blue Competence" initiative,thus saving resources:


The high lifetime of these tools allows tool consumption tobe reduced by 500% compared to one-piece HSS tap drills and by more than 30% compared to VHM tap drills. Due to the reduced process times and coolant supply the electrical drive energy consumption of the machine tool is also reduced by approx. 50%. Dry processing reduces the consumption of the resource oil by100%. The consumption of carbide and its raw materials wolfram and cobalt is reduced by approx. 85% in these modular tools when compared to VHM tap drills.


This environmental aspect has another positive effect on production costs on top of the reduced machine cost due to shorter production times.

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