CIMT2021圆满落幕!总人数逾20万 CIMT2021,More than 200,000 Attendance

国际金属加工网 2021年04月20日

CIMT2021 Comes to a Successful End!

The Total Number of Attendance is More than 200,000


CIMT2021(The 17th China International Machine Tool Show) was successfully concluded on April 17th, exhibitors and visitors were reluctantto leave the venue. Here is the total number of attendance, please pay attention to the follow-up comprehensive report of the CIMT2021.


4月12日,业界期待已久的CIMT2021展会隆重开幕,各方人士汇聚于北京 中国国际展览中心(新馆)。众多展台被观众围得水泄不通,大家都迫不及待地希望尽快了解最新的展品和技术。 据中国国际展览中心(新馆)门禁系统数据显示,4月12-17日累计进馆总人数200017人。受新冠疫情影响,境内外人员往来受到限制,特别是在以往境外观众中占比较高的韩、日、印度、东南亚及中国台湾地区采购商大幅减少,导致进馆总人数与疫情前同期相比下降11.74%,但展商和观众的直观感受是,本届CIMT展会的火爆程度超乎预期。同时,在防疫要求下,观众采用实名制,展商感受到观众质量大幅提高。

April 12th, the CIMT2021 show has granted opened, which is long expectedby the industry, people from all sides gathered in Beijing China InternationalExhibition Center (New Venue). Many booths are packed with visitors, andeveryone can't wait to learn about the latest exhibits and technologies as soonas possible. Accordingto the data of access control system of China International Exhibition Center(New Venue), the total number of attendance was 200,017 during April 12-17. Affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, the domestic and overseas personnel exchanges were restricted, especially the purchasers from South Korea, Japan, India, Southeast Asia and China Taiwan region, which accounted for a high proportion of overseas visitors in the past, decreased significantly, resulting in a 11.74% drop in the total number of entering the venue compared with the same period before the pandemic, however, the intuitive feeling of exhibitors and visitors was that the CIMT2021 show was more popular than expectation. At the same time, under the requirements of COVID-19 pandemic prevention, the visitors were adopted by the real name system, and the exhibitors felt that the quality of the visitors has been greatly improved. The opening of CIMT2021 as scheduled has undoubtedly brought more expectations and attracted friends from all sides. According to a preliminary understanding, various user industries and enterprises in domestic and overseas trade system have sent professional purchasing groups, and they all come directly with purchasing tasks. Besides the professional media in the industry, many representatives of news media came to the exhibition, such as Xinhua News Agency, CCTV and Economy Daily also sent reporters to interview the exhibition, which reflected their concern for the entity industry and the machine tool and equipment manufacturing industry. At the same time, representatives of finance, security and other fields paid more attention to the machine tool industry as well.



名称:第十七届中国国际机床展览会(CIMT2021)展期:2021年4月12-17日主题:融合共赢  智造未来地点:北京 中国国际展览中心(新馆)地址:北京顺义天竺裕翔路88号主办:中国机床工具工业协会
承办:中国机床工具工业协会        中国国际展览中心集团公司


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